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Hello all, =)

It's been a while since I last wrote something here so I figured I'd make a quickie update as to what's been going on. Lately I've run into a little bit a an dilemma here at DA: I'm torn between what art people want to see from me and what art I actually enjoy making. If you check my gallery you'll notice I make some little figurines I made a while back. I had great fun making those but, as I sorta expected, no one really took any notice of them because, well, sculpture is not what I'm known for. For years I've been a Sonic the Hedgehog fan and so my gallery is pretty much expected to be nothing but images related to the franchise. And, for the most part, it is: I have Sonic cosplay in there, I have my Shadow comic pages, I have random drawings of Sonic and Shadow, etc. Yes I love Sonic, but I find it a little depressing that that's all I'm known for. In fact I have many other drawings of fantasy creatures in my sketchbook that I don't even bother to scan because I know no one here would be interested in seeing them. I also have made several other fantasy figurines that I haven't bothered posted any pictures of for the same reason.

Now, I think I've come up with a solution to this situation: I'll just make another account =). Since Rally has been known for years as a Sonic artist she'll stay that way. In fact, I think I might just delete the images of the sculptures I have here and move them to the new account. Why haven't I done all this yet, well, I figured I'd give some heads up first. That and I'm a little lazy and don't know what to name my other account just yet =P.

Finally, what does all this mean for this account? Well fear not, I still plan on posting Sonic art. I'm excited for the new Sonic Boom series so you may very well see more images of that.  I also plan to continue my Shadow comic series as well. The one thing I do ask you all is please, for the love of all things good stop badgering me about them! I'm flattered you all like the series that much but it get annoying when the only comments I get are "WHERE'S THE NEXT PAGE?!!!!" Guy's, I make these comics for fun and because I like the Sonic series. I'm not getting paid for any of it, I make them on my free time which, some weeks, I have very little of. The next page will come, when it comes. Despite what many of you might think I'm actually a very lousy artist. It can take me hours to complete an image to even a day. That Diablo 3 image I just posted recently; I wasn't lying when I said that was all I'd been up to for the last month. Do I like it and think it's cool, heck yes. But I also know it's nothing compared to what other artists can do in half that time. Heck, there are those that could have made that image in hour. So yes, despite her screen name and her love of the speedy Sonic Rally draws about as fast as a speeding snail. And no, I'm not talking Turbo the snail here, just a everyday garden snail.

So, yeah, that's about it for now. Once I figure out a name for my other account and get it going I'll make a journal with a link to it here. I'm not expecting it to be anytime too soon since there's really no hurry but it's something that could very well be on the horizon.    :aww:
Batnamz Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'd say upload whatever YOU want. It's your account, not theirs.  I don't understand why everyone thinks they have to please everyone... in the end, you're doing he artwork because YOU want to... right? >_>
If you want something to be taken notice of, go to the groups section of DA. Find a group or two or ten related to the artwork you've posted. Join them. Submit that artwork to their gallery. Thousands of people who ARE interested will see it. You'll build up more of a fan base for more than just sonic. lol.
I've found multiple accounts to get too complicated in the end. I've tried it. lol.
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Submitted on
March 13, 2014