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deviation in storage by orin


Hiya all, 

Just got back from visiting my family for my birthday and wanted to thank everyone for the happy birthday wishes. ^_^
SharkRider by Rally-the-Cheetah
Well I'm not if I made this in time or not. The timer says I have 9 hours left but DA won't let me submit it to the contest gallery. So I'll try and link it for now. 

Edit: Looks like the DA Devs were able to fix the problem. Thank you Madizzlee.

Anyway this is my entry for the Goblins VS Gnomes contest. This here is Gloria Grenade, the one and only "Flying" Lava Shark rider!

 As a young goblin Gloria loved three things: flying machines, fire, and... sharks. Growing up at Booty Bay she'd often sit at the side of the docks and watch the giant creatures swim around for hours. She found them frightening yet fascinating. When she asked her father why none of the goblins where afraid of them he responded, "Because they're only dangerous in the water. They can't come on land." Decades later he was proven wrong when the Cataclysm caused a giant tsunami to strike the bay. The wave sent all kinds of creatures flying, including one very hungry shark. The beast flew through one of the shacks and in an instant gobbled the gnome living inside. It.. was... amazing! After that Gloria found a new calling. She'd become the very first Flying Shark rider! Naturally not just any shark would do, so she ventured all the way to the Firelands and found what she dubbed, " a Lava Shark." It was a challenge to say the least but she got it up and flying (sorta). Her new goal: to pilot the great Whale Shark!      

Shark pose ref image:…

Goblin pose Ref image…
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I'll come out and say it right now: I'm liking what I'm seeing of Sonic BOOM. Yeah the change in character designs took some getting used to but seeing the clean models at E3 I feel I like them much better now. The alpha stage ones were, well, a little ugly.

This said, I notice the comments and hype for Sonic BOOM is a real mixed bag and range anywhere from people loving it to seeing it as blasphemous. Oddly enough I'm not bothered by this, in fact I find myself delighted by it. It's strange really, at first I thought I felt this way because the fact that such a strong argument even exists shows Sonic is still popular and loved by many people. But, as started posting my thoughts about the game around various sites, I think I found another reason. As was typing a comment in the Sonic Stadium news section I mentioned how there are many different takes on Super Heroes, and how sometimes these takes are drastically different from one another. The Adam West Batman is much different than, say, Nolan's image of Batman. Then it hit me: I'm comparing Sonic to super heroes. And not just Super heroes, in the post I mentioned icons like Batman, Superman, Spider-man, the Avengers and even Godzilla. Yes I mostly used these as examples because they all were starring in recent movies, but, hey, they are starring in recent movies . I've always considered Sonic an icon but he was always a gaming icon. I don't know, for some reason throwing in the word "gaming" just doesn't seem to hold as much weight. Maybe it's because it's limiting the word icon. When you say it you're basically saying he's only an icon to the gaming community. But now I feel that's starting to change. For the first time ever a Sonic game is being based on a cartoon series; in other words one form of Sonic media is directly impacting another. Yes, Sonic is not new to the TV series scene but none of those shows really ever had any influence on games. Yeah there were cameos sometimes in games like say the mini pinball game in Sonic pinball with Princess Sally and the race track in Sonic All Stars Racing with an image of Sonia on the track but those don't really count. No, until this point the game version of Sonic has been in his own little universe, untouched by any event or story in other Sonic media. Now that's changed... Sorta. It's already been said that the Sonic Boom universe is it's own entity and the events in it don't relate to events in other Sonic media and visa versa.  In other words it's a different take on Sonic, a reimagining, a revamp. But, unlike comic revamps or reboots, the game Sonic well all know will not be effected. I guess this makes sense seeing as the show and game aren't going to be available in Japan and are pretty much a Western take on Sonic but, hey, Sonic's been revamped! He's going through the same stages as comic heroes when their stories get rewritten. That means, in some small way, he's becoming as much of an icon as they are, even though he hasn't been around nearly as long w00t! . 

The fact that a Sonic movie has been confirmed even furthers this notion. Sonic's going into the big leagues, for better or worse. Am I excited for all this? You bet! But I'm also a little worried. Movies based on games have been, for the most part, notoriously bad. With Sonic BOOM already splitting the fan base a movie might be too much too soon; especially since it's rumored to be a mix of live action and CG. Still, one never knows. Maybe it'l be all right Unimpressed .


Is plotting....
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